Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easy Goat Tacos (Yeah, I said that)

I was introduced to goat meat about 12 years ago at a quinceanera for one of the hubs' family members. I remember eating my food, looking up and seeing the whole family staring at me waiting for a reaction. I was then I realized that I probably wasn't eating beef like I thought. Usually goat is served for special occasions on that side of the family (his dad's side) so I dont get to have it very often. Typically, they buy a goat, "prepare" it, and deep pit it in the ground. Yum.

Went to a local market called "Mercado Fresco" the other day and actually found goat meat. Its listed in the meat case as "Chivo". I was SO excited!!! Its not the easiest meat to find, but I love the stuff. Its very similar to beef, but has a slightly different texture. I bought four shanks of chivo for about $4.00. I seared it in hot oil w/a bit of salt and pepper, then popped in it the crockpot with one sliced onion, some more salt and pepper, and added garlic and adobo seasoning. I cooked it on high for about six hours, and shredded it. I took some of the juice from the crock pot, heated it in a pan, and cooked the shredded meat one more time to make it a bit crispy on the outside. I served it on heated (not fried) corn tortillas with fresh salsa and cilantro. Yum, Yum, Yum!!! I love it w/the chivo, but these are excellent made w/beef or pork in the same fashion.

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