Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm going to do, really.

I have had a few partially successful blog ideas, but have never followed through on them. I really enjoy cooking Mexican food more than any other, so I am not sure why I started this and then pretended it didnt exist. Perhaps I will make it my New Year's Resolution this year...Share the Mexican food cooking wisdom with the world. (Or at least the world that doesnt already have it.)

So here goes: White Country Girl marries Hispanic Boy, moves to the mountains, lives a somewhat backwoods lifestyle, but manages to incorporate Mexican tradition and cuisine into daily life. White country girl then starts a blog in an effort to share her really oddball life with anyone that cares to pay attention.

It is bound to work. Surely someone will be intrigued by a homesteading, homeschooling, Catholic, traditional housewife who makes tamales and tortillas from scratch, sips abuelita chocolate while eating empanadas, and watches Extreme Couponers. The fact that she is blonde makes it even funnier. She does, however, speak spanish which comes in handy when she is the only white girl in her church parish. She raises rabbits for meat, grows a salsa garden every year, cans food, freezes leftovers, buys flour 50 pounds at a time, and celebrates most Mexican Holidays and honors popular feast days too. She teaches her kids food preservation, how to use medicinal herbs, and spanish too. She doesnt see any reason why she cant listen to Miranda Lambert while drinking a Corona. She doesnt think it is weird when she finds herself to be the only "guera" in the Mexican Market because darn it, she knows her way around, can order from the butcher in spanish, and rather enjoys that she can buy her prayer candles there too. She doesnt fit a mold, but she thinks that is boring anyway.

Thats one thing Mexican food should never be...boring.

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