Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easy Goat Tacos (Yeah, I said that)

I was introduced to goat meat about 12 years ago at a quinceanera for one of the hubs' family members. I remember eating my food, looking up and seeing the whole family staring at me waiting for a reaction. I was then I realized that I probably wasn't eating beef like I thought. Usually goat is served for special occasions on that side of the family (his dad's side) so I dont get to have it very often. Typically, they buy a goat, "prepare" it, and deep pit it in the ground. Yum.

Went to a local market called "Mercado Fresco" the other day and actually found goat meat. Its listed in the meat case as "Chivo". I was SO excited!!! Its not the easiest meat to find, but I love the stuff. Its very similar to beef, but has a slightly different texture. I bought four shanks of chivo for about $4.00. I seared it in hot oil w/a bit of salt and pepper, then popped in it the crockpot with one sliced onion, some more salt and pepper, and added garlic and adobo seasoning. I cooked it on high for about six hours, and shredded it. I took some of the juice from the crock pot, heated it in a pan, and cooked the shredded meat one more time to make it a bit crispy on the outside. I served it on heated (not fried) corn tortillas with fresh salsa and cilantro. Yum, Yum, Yum!!! I love it w/the chivo, but these are excellent made w/beef or pork in the same fashion.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They aren't pretty, but they taste like heaven

recipe to follow, but here's a teaser:

La Familia

without the beauty of the heritage, it is my opinion that the food cant be properly appreciated. The hubs' family has taught me SO much in the kitchen, and there seems to be a story to go with every recipe. I thought I'd introduce you to "La Familia", so you'd have faces to go with the people I mention here. :) This picture was taken almost exactly one year ago, about 7 months before we lost Grandpa. :( We had so much fun celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's birthdays that day, and I will never forget how lovely the party was. We miss Grandpa every day, but his contributions to his family will never be forgotten.

In this pic, is the hubs' grandparents, the hubs, me, and the three kiddos. My MIL was taking the pic, so I'll post another of her in this post.

Grandma, and Miss Trin. Love this pic.

And a very special picture: Grandpa, two of the kids, and my MIL. Grandpa was so happy that day. So, so happy. :)

Part of the beauty in any cooking is the history and stories behind the recipes. Perhaps its why I enjoy cooking like I do. :) What a blessing it is to have family to share that beauty with.

In Güera's Kitchen

Hey All!

I had the idea few months ago to start a blog simply devoted to the preparation and history of Mexican cooking. As a "White Girl" (or Güera) raised in, and married into, the hispanic culture, I may not be completely qualified to teach others the art of Mexican cuisine, but I will certainly enjoy sharing what I have learned. My only goal cooking up mexican dishes has been to hear my husband say in complete honesty, "It tastes just like my Grandma's." It has happened a time or two, but those are really big shoes to fill, which is ironic considering she wears a tiny size 6.

Jump in and join in learning the art of mexican cooking, from the stuff you order in your favorite restaurant to the dishes that totally intimidate you. Stick around for the stuff you haven't seen on a menu too...thats the best stuff anyway.

Mi cocina es su cocina. :)